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Customer Care Portal

  • 24/7 On-line Helpdesk Services
  • Email Support
  • Equipment Maintenance Release
  • Technical and Management Escalation Processes
  • Equipment and Software Feature Releases
  • Emergency on-site support
  • Customized SLA
  • Equipment Repair and Replacement
  • Equipment Advance Replacement for critical parts

Available to customers who are registered users and have a valid support contract, Airspan’s Customer Care JIRA Portal offers prompt customer support services to provide the help and knowledge needed to keep critical networks running. If you are not yet registered, you can begin the process by clicking the register button above.

To create a ticket, simply log into the Customer Care Portal using the button above, or click the button to send an email to Once you submit your issue, the system generates a new case and sends an email with the ticket number for your reference. The system uses the ticket number to categorize and store e-mails under the appropriate issue.

To update a case, you can reply by email, or you can also log into the Customer Care Portal. To assist the system identify your issue when communicating via email, please include the ticket number in the subject line, and then include your account details in the body of the email in all communications.


For a more premium service, Airspan offers all-inclusive support including repair and return (R&R), warranty extension, and 24×7 technical support from our well trained and experienced technical team. This service package provides around the clock support to our customers who run mission-critical networks that need 24×7 coverage. This premium service can be tailored to work with medium to large network deployments, or network operators who do not have an existing support infrastructure. Other exclusive services provided include unlimited email support and free software upgrades. Airspan Care Plus is priced for one year of technical support coverage.



Available to customers with a valid SLA and Airspan Care Plus (ASPlus), AirShare is a portal that contains documentation, features descriptions, user guides, certificates, product specifications, and more. Each customer portal can be customized to include the elements best suited for support needs.



Airspan’s experience with installing and operating wireless telecoms systems around the world allows us to deliver training based on practical solutions. A comprehensive suite of training services, directed by professional trainers, allows the transfer of knowledge and expertise to important customers. Airspan training embraces standard modules, as well as courses customized to specific needs—ranging from RF theory to hands-on use of actual working systems. Trainings can be arranged on customer premises, or at our own purpose built training center. Airspan’s operational field test site also allows first-hand experience of wireless networks, under a range of demanding real-world conditions. Continually being enhanced with feedback from post-training delegate surveys, personal assessments, and ongoing input from our leading-edge research team, Airspan training will provide your team with all the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed.

  • Training at every stage—from product overviews to systems installation, commissioning, and maintenance
  • Instructor-led, highly-personalized sessions with hands-on practical training
  • On-site training at customer locations, as well as at our dedicated training center


Radio Planning

Derived from the industry benchmark product developed by Mobile Systems International, AS9200 Airplan is a software tool used to predict radio coverage, C/I and A/I performance, and radio link budgets. As such, it is indispensable for medium to large radio networks where optimized antenna placement, orientation and design can yield huge benefits in terms of equipment and radio spectrum utilization.

Radio Coverage Survey

Airspan is equipped with radio equipment to perform RF drive tests to survey the intended coverage areas. Signal strength measurements can be performed to validate the RF predictions provided. RF spectrum sweep, using directional antennas and low noise amplifiers, are used to pinpoint interference or illegal transmitters in the area.

Site Survey

This tool can check the readiness of a new base station site for operators. A detailed site survey report can be provided, which lists observations and document corrective actions, if required. The report will comment on the physical suitability of the site, grounding practice used, distance between the equipment room and the antenna tower, power backup system, and the suitability of the antenna tower.



Airspan has 25+ years of solid experience. Create that optimal system to deliver maximum coverage and quality of service with minimal costs, regardless of environmental conditions. Built around the idea of partnerships and shared expertise, Airspan works closely with customer teams at all stages—from initial consultancy to final system support and upgrade. Project management is also available to ensure the entire operation can deliver and maintain a fully-functional network to an agreed specification.

  • Installation and commissioning: Full engineering support to integrate with existing networks and oversee system rollout on time and on budget
  • Standard EFI (engineering, furnish, and install) package under dedicated Project Manager
  • Comprehensive training and knowledge transfer
  • Ongoing technical support: Access to the 24×7 Airspan Customer Care network with remote diagnostics
  • Proactive system maintenance: A dedicated service manager to oversee maintenance, forwarding of operational data, and coordination of services
  • Upgrade consultancy: Expert advice on how best to extend future coverage or enhance network functionality


Airspan has that experience – create an optimal system delivering maximum coverage and quality of service for minimal cost – whatever the environmental conditions.

Airspan customer support is built around the idea of partnership and shared expertise. Airspan works closely with the customer’s team at any stage from initial consultancy to final system support and upgrade. Or we can project manage the entire operation to deliver and maintain a fully functional network to an agreed specification.

  • Installation and Commissioning – full engineering support to integrate with existing networks and oversee system rollout on time and on budget.
  • Standard EFI (Engineering, Furnish and Install) package under dedicated Project Manager
  • Comprehensive training and knowledge transfer.
  • Ongoing technical support – the Airspan Customer Service Center with remote diagnostics at your service 24 hours, 365 days a year.
  • Proactive system maintenance – with a dedicated service manager to oversee maintenance, forwarding of operational data and coordination of services.
  • Upgrade consultancy – expert advice on how best to extend future coverage or enhance network functionality.


Airspan would like to inform the community that the following open source packages under GPLv2 license agreement were modified by Airspan: Linux Kernel v 3.10.84, busybox v 1.24.2 & u-boot v 2010_03-rc1. Please contact in order to obtain access to the modified open source package.