Revolutionizing vRAN with Open Standards

In the quest to redefine network flexibility and break free from traditional supply chain constraints, Airspan introduces "OpenRANGE," our cutting-edge virtualized RAN (vRAN) software solution. OpenRANGE embodies our commitment to innovation, leveraging Open RAN standards to ensure unparalleled adaptability and performance in the deployment of next-generation networks.

Embracing Open Standards

OpenRANGE is built on the foundation of openness and standardization, supporting a variety of Open RAN standards including 3GPP (split 2), O-RAN Alliance (split 7.2), and Small Cell Forum (Split 6). This adherence to open standards not only ensures interoperability and flexibility but also paves the way for a more inclusive and competitive ecosystem, enabling operators to tailor their networks to their specific needs and challenges.

Modularized for Flexibility

Our approach to vRAN architecture is inherently modular, allowing for the implementation of various network splits to optimize performance, efficiency, and deployment scenarios. This modularization offers the freedom to choose the best fit for each deployment case:

  • All-In-One Solution

Ideal for the majority of our small cell deployments, this solution houses all necessary software within the radio unit itself, simplifying installation and operation.

  • Split 7.2 for Macros

Tailored for macrocell deployments, split 7.2 optimizes the distribution of baseband unit functionalities, enhancing scalability and performance.

  • Split 2 or All-in-One for mmWave

Depending on the deployment scenario, mmWave technology can leverage either split 2 for heightened efficiency or the All-In-One configuration for streamlined implementation.

Breaking the Chains of Tradition

By offering a flexible, standards-based solution, OpenRANGE aims to dismantle the barriers imposed by traditional network supply chains. This not only accelerates the deployment of innovative network solutions but also ensures that operators are not tied to single vendors, fostering a competitive and dynamic market environment.

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