Fixed Wireless Access

Fixed Wireless Access (FWA) places proprietary access point or 3GPP base stations such as the Airspan Air5G to provide last mile connectivity for broadband services, where fiber is expensive and complex to deploy. Smaller wireless ISPs who have traditionally served underserved markets, mostly rural, with purpose-built, proprietary FWA solutions are facing increased competition from tier-1 mobile operators leveraging 5G for fixed broadband services in denser markets


Field Proven

Air5G 7200, 128x128 (QC FSM100)
51dBm EiRP
2Gbps over 400MHz

Next Generation

Air5G 9200, 512x512 (QC FSM200)
61dBm EiRP
6Gbps over 1,000MHz


Field Proven

AirSpot 853
4G/ 5G sub6 + mmW
mmW 45dBm EiRP

Management & Orchestration

Enhanced NBIF enables simEnd to end management and performance monitoring of all FWA components using a common platform (ACP) plifies integration with MNO OSS

Airspan’s End-to-end mmW FWA Solution

FWA deployment includes the FWA Access Point site and the Customer Premise Equipment (CPE): - Site hosts the FWA APs - Customer premise includes the outdoor CPE (ODU) connecting to the Multi-Dwelling Unit (MDU) that is distributing the traffic to Indoor Units – home router (IDUs) in each Household (HH) Site configuration is based on one to three sectors arrangement Automation and Control Platform (ACP) manages and monitors the network as a single pane of glass

FWA Market Overview

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CAGR worldwide

0 %

of FWA will be 5G mmW in 2028

0 %

of broadband addition in the US were due to FWA

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of US broadband will be on FWA by 2025

Airspan FWA sets a platform to boost MNO revenue

Besides the main target of delivering broadband to underserved households, MNOs will benefit from:

Fast time to market compared to wired deployments

Offload of busy sub-6GHz spectrum due to high mobile usage for broadband needs

Traffic steering between sub6 and mmWave for mobility users

Re-use of existing wireless infrastructure
(masts, towers) to add a mmWave radio

Use of same data anchor point:
5G Core Network

Airspan Leader in mmWave Deployments

Product performance was validated and proven in the field

More than 22Ku deployed within 2 years all over Japan

Deployment is based on Airspan Air5G 7200 mmWave