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Experience seamless broadband internet speeds for airborne passengers

The Air5G Air-To-Ground (ATG) solution leverages a high-performance, 4G and 5G standalone system using state-of-the-art, vRAN base station technology and massive MIMO antenna arrays to provide office or home like experience in the sky

While satellite systems are the primary method to provide connectivity for long overwater routes, they face limitations in dense terminal areas. However, satellite technology remains valuable as it ensures connectivity in areas where other solutions may not be feasible. The introduction of Airspan Air-To-Ground (ATG) solution as a complement to satellite networks aims to enhance the overall connectivity experience by providing additional coverage and by boosting capacity. This combined approach ensures that passengers can enjoy pervasive, low-cost, and high-performance connectivity in today's world.

With Airspan Air-To-Ground

Spectrum reuse from terrestrial wireless bands and satellite uplink bands possible on a non-interference basis

Support for both tdd and fdd in any sub 6ghz band

ATG ground networks can be deployed at a fraction of the cost of satellite systems

Scalable architecture allows densification for higher capacity in high traffic areas & corridors

Low cost, lightweight certified airborne equipment with simple installations

Low latency, high-speed performance from 60mbps up to 1gbps (5g)

Supports commercial, business and general aviation


The Air-To-Ground network architecture is built around optimized 4G and 5G cellular technology tailored specifically for ATG applications, fine-tuned for long range, high aircraft speeds, interference mitigations and throughput efficiency. Each ground station is configured with either three or six horizontal sectors, providing complete 360-degree coverage. These stations are optimized to create cells extending up to 400 km and can accommodate speeds of up to 1200 km/h. This flexibility enables operators to deploy high-density ATG networks in areas with heavy air traffic and low-density networks in regions with lower traffic volumes. By integrating satellite technology with Airspan's ATG network, passengers can enjoy high-speed connectivity globally.