Portal & Edge Compute

Simplifying Network Management

In the dynamic landscape of network management, the Airspan Portal and Edge Compute offerings stand out by delivering unparalleled efficiency, control, and simplicity. Our comprehensive solutions are designed to streamline the orchestration and management of Private Networks, ensuring operators can effortlessly navigate the complexities of network deployment and operation.

Airspan Portal: Your Gateway to Simplified Management

The Airspan Portal is a cloud-hosted, lightweight application that provides Private Network operators with an intuitive interface for comprehensive service lifecycle management. Designed to cater to the needs of both public and private cloud environments, as well as on-premises deployments, the Portal ensures flexibility in how network services are managed and delivered. This user-friendly platform facilitates simplified monitoring and analytics, allowing operators to gain insightful data for optimizing network performance and user experience.

Edge Compute: On-Premises Control with Ease

Complementing the Airspan Portal, our Edge Compute solution embodies a single-package application configured for on-premises deployment. It serves as the backbone for managing 4G and 5G Access Points and Radios, streamlining the deployment process with secure, straightforward configurations. The Edge Controller not only hosts the Airspan Management System and Software Repository but also includes an API Gateway for seamless communication with the Airspan Portal. This ensures simplified management and configuration, enhancing the overall efficiency of network operations.

Multi-Tenancy: A Game Changer

The introduction of multi-tenancy into the Airspan Portal and Edge Compute framework unlocks new levels of operational flexibility and scalability. This feature allows our customers to host multiple tenants on a single instance of the Portal, enabling efficient resource sharing and segmentation across different user groups or departments.

It's not just about efficiency; it's about empowering network operators with the ability to manage diverse networks and services seamlessly.

  • Scalable Network Management

Multi-tenancy simplifies the management of extensive networks by allowing operators to segment their infrastructure and services for different tenants. This segmentation enables customized management and analytics, ensuring that each tenant’s needs are met without compromise.   

  • Enhanced Security and Privacy

Our multi-tenancy model is designed with security at its core. By isolating the data and operations of each tenant, we ensure that the actions of one tenant do not impact the integrity or security of another’s data and services. This isolation provides peace of mind for operators and tenants alike, knowing their information is safeguarded

  • Cost-Effective Resource Utilization

By leveraging multi-tenancy, network operators can maximize their infrastructure investment, reducing the need for redundant resources. This efficient use of resources not only lowers operational costs but also enhances the overall sustainability of network operations.

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