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OpenRANGE 7200

Massive Throughput in a Single, Compact Unit

Outdoor, mmWave, RDU

Airspan’s OpenRANGE28 Air5G 7200 RDU is a leading, field-proven, open standard, vRAN outdoor solution that enables enhanced mobile broadband in mmWave. Supporting up to 800 MHz channel bandwidth, this supercompact enclosure has both a Radio Unit (RU) and Distributed Unit (DU), which helps break installation barriers. The OpenRANGE28 Air5G 7200 RDU interfaces with the Central Unit (CU) over 3GPP split 2, and consists of an integrated Massive MIMO antenna array of 128×128 to offer wide coverage. These features make it the best-in-class 5G solution to quickly monetize 5G infrastructure.

TX/RX Paths
800 MHz

Superior Performance and Low Latency

A matrix of 128T128R channels, achieving wide coverage with highthroughput, results in higher network efficiency and performance.

Easy Deployment

A compact design makes this RDU suitable for rapid deployments in urban, dense, and rural areas. It’s also multi-sector deployment ready, using a protected daisy chain interface.

Network Intelligence

Feature rich, and part of an end-to-end virtualized RAN solution that supports Network Slicing, Network Monitoring, and Healing.

Scalability and Interoperability

A game changer for any business, offering support for multidimensional growth, and seamlessly integrating with existing network footprint.

Advanced Beam Management

Massive MIMO antenna array supports hybrid beamforming with advanced beam management capabilities, including on the fly adaptation of beams via complemented RIC algorithms, based on specific deployment conditions.

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