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AirVelocity 1500

High Speed Indoor LTE Small Cell

Ideal for public venues and offices

AirVelocity is a revolutionary indoor, high performance, LTE-Advanced small cell, designed to bring Public Access LTE networks to indoor spaces. AirVelocity reduces the indoor mobile hot spots and creates much greater indoor coverage for end users. AirVelocity is one of the key solutions for CBRS deployments, with FCC certification

63 dBm 
40 MHz

High TX Output Power

Max CAT-A EiRP (36dBm) for bands: B48, B42, B43

Dual Carrier

2 x 2T2R support to boost capacity

Plug and Play

Plug-n-Play (PnP), is crucial for supporting rapid small- cell deployment.

Airspan Control Platform (ACP)

Integrated into ACP Management System to provide full FCAP network management and an “Always-On” service with front- end web applications and interfaces to interconnect with customers OSS.

Modern Design

Small form factor designed for the modern environment.

Power Source

POE++ or DC

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