Regardless of the industry or sector, private 5G networks are enabling businesses to be more modern, cutting-edge, and efficient. Whether it’s agriculture, automotive, education, healthcare, logistics manufacturing, or transportation, private 5G networks will provide the critical security, reliability, and privacy required. With Germany as one of the first countries to make dedicated spectrum available for local and private use by enterprises, the opportunities for high-speed, low-latency, large scale connectivity in an open ecosystem can prove to be extremely transformative. Airspan, Metaswitch, and siticom are perfectly positioned to guide businesses through the challenges of deploying 5G campus networks that meet important technical requirements and critical financial goals. Download the white paper to learn more.

Airspan provides disruptive OpenRANGE 5G solutions to meet the requirements of the booming German private network marketIt incorporates all the elements of an OpenRAN architecture, including the software, which consists of the vCUvDU, and RIC, designed for an extended portfolio of RUs that follow the latest O-RAN and 3GPP releases. Stay up to date by following us on LinkedIn and Twitter.