ILSHIN EDI Developed World’s First Multi-Band ‘Wireless Communication System forNuclear Power Plants’


Ilshin EDI succeeded in developing the world’s first multi-band “wireless communication system for nuclear power plants.” It is receiving great attention from domestic demand agencies for new and operational nuclear power plants. In particular, based on domestic references, the possibility of joint entry of nuclear power plants into Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power and Eastern Europe and the Middle East is also expected to increase.

Ilshin EDI announced on the 14th that it signed a contract with Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. to supply and build wireless communication systems to Saeul Nuclear Power Plant No. 3 and 4.

The nuclear power plant wireless communication system developed jointly by Ilshin EDI and Eruon is a disaster safety communication network (PS)- LTE, 5G and 5G Wi-Fi 6 It is characterized by combining Wi-Fi6 into one system.

The frequency has accommodated ultra-wideband multi-bands and wireless sensors, robots, drones, augmented reality (AR), which are linked to the fourth industry. Virtual Riality ( It can be used for various purposes such as VR.

Through the disaster safety communication network, all users with the disaster safety communication network terminal can contact the police in case of a disaster. 5G communication is also possible, providing all commercial 5G equipment services. It provides unique services by establishing its own wireless communication system without using existing telecommunication business equipment. Wi-Fi 6 equipment can also be accommodated, allowing high-speed multimedia services to be provided based on Wi-Fi.

Ahn Hyuk-tae, CEO of Ilshin EDI , explained, “We succeeded in developing a ‘nuclear power plant wireless communication system’ that has high security and safety and can provide various services, and we are aiming to open it in October 2024 by building it in Seoul Saeul 3 and 4.”

The nuclear power plant-only wireless communication system is one of the “R&D tasks for SME cooperation” promoted by the Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd. and the Win-Win Cooperation Agency, and Ilshin EDI and core network equipment company “Iruon” jointly participated.

The nuclear power plant-only wireless communication system can perform video conferencing using a wireless terminal, and remote monitoring through emergency communication means and wireless sensors. Safe nuclear power plant operation through cyber security is also expected.

It helps to communicate between managers and operators in nuclear power plants. Video can be transmitted through body cam through wireless communication, and operators can download drawings and procedures on site and use them directly for equipment. Wi-Fi wireless network also supports operational monitoring.

Jegal Jong-tae, vice president of Ilshin EDI, said, “We are discussing exports with Poland and the Czech Republic because it is a system that thoroughly complies with the nuclear power plant quality assurance standards. We aim to export to more countries after securing a successful reference.”

Established in 1995, ILSHIN EDI’s main business models are wireless communication systems and page phones used in domestic and foreign industrial sites. Above all, the company explained that it is the No. 1 player in the subway station guidance system industry.

Source: ETNews