Airspan Networks is now a member of SAMENA Telecommunications Council


SAMENA Telecommunications Council is South Asia – Middle East – North Africa (SAMENA) region’s premier industry association of telecom operators and service providers.

“Airspan Networks is delighted to form this association with SAMENA Council. Airspan is focused on developing highly efficient advanced capacity and backhaul solutions for telecom operators. With a proven track record of innovating towards small-cell densification, we are an ideal partner to operators with current 4G networks and with strategic interest and up-gradation plans for 5G. As SAMENA Council represents the needs of telecom operators and we help enhance telecom operators’ ability to compete in tough business environs where returns continue to decline and where non-traditional competition is on the incline, this mutual relationship with SAMENA Council may help operators improve their network economics. We look forward to being active in SAMENA Council’s activities.”