Airspan brings the small cell game to the next level by helping operators densify their networks and lay the foundation for 5G

With hundreds of thousands of cells installed worldwide, Airspan is delivering on the promise of small cells to improve wireless network capacity and coverage, increase macro network efficiency and revolutionize TCO. Airspan is helping operators densify their networks and lay the foundation for 5G, delivering enhanced mobile broadband Gigabit speeds today on ultra-dense 4G small cell architectures by leveraging features and platforms such as LAA and cloud-based vRAN.

With a broad toolkit of network densification solutions based on powerful Qualcomm FSM Chipsets, Airspan is delivering on the promises of small cells with some of the most innovative operators around the world including Reliance Jio in India and Sprint in the US. This has been achieved by forcing paradigm shifts in the way that cell site economics work today. Instead of wasting countless days, hours and dollars in site acquisition and installation, Airspan’s groundbreaking plug and play and SON technology has made this technology once and for all truly scalable.

As of January 2018, Sprint has been able to deploy more than 80,000 Magic Boxes since their launch in Q2 2017, and Airspan’s small cells have been a contributor to Sprint’s national average download speeds which have increased 60% year-over-year.¹ The benefits are not only for consumers as Sprint reports about a third of our Sprint Magic Box customers are businesses including big-box retail stores, hotels, restaurants, commercial office buildings, and schools.

Small cells are finally gaining significant traction in wireless networks and operators are just beginning to scratch the surface of the potential game-changing benefits that network densification can provide them.

The IoT will bring about billions of connected devices that will shape the networks of tomorrow. From high-speed, ultra-reliable, low-latency mission-critical communications that will allow drones to soar higher than ever, to analyzing consumer Big Data in real time at the far edge of the Network, Airspan delivers a technology value chain that enables endless revenue streams for operators and spectrum holders.

Airspan’s history and understanding of the IoT is second to none. As pioneers in delivering smart grid/city communication networks and developing cutting-edge backhaul telemetry solutions for the McLaren F1 team or delivering broadband connectivity to high speed moving jets, trains or buses, Airspan brings unique perspectives on how to monetize the boundless possibilities of 5G applications.

Airspan has truly brought the small cell game to the next level with its proven track record of delivering award-winning technology at scale while packing macro feature sets, with Het-Net and SON capabilities into compact form factors that can be rapidly deployed.

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Airspan brings the small cell game to the next level