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Empowering Mobile Network Operators with Cutting-Edge Densification and Global Coverage Solutions

Densification Through
Advanced Small Cells

In the ever-evolving landscape of mobile connectivity, Airspan stands at the forefront, offering robust small cell solutions designed for network densification. Our small cells are engineered to seamlessly integrate into urban environments, enhancing network capacity and coverage where it's needed most. These compact, yet powerful devices are pivotal in addressing the increasing demand for high-speed data and low-latency communications in densely populated areas. By leveraging our advanced technology, Mobile Network Operators (MNOs) can ensure consistent, high-quality connectivity, paving the way for emerging applications and services in the 5G era.

Global Coverage with State-of-the-Art Macro Radios

Airspan's macro radios are a testament to our commitment to innovation and excellence in global network coverage. These radios are uniquely designed to be light, compact, and immensely powerful, eliminating the need for side cabinets to house the Base Band Unit (BBU). This design not only simplifies deployment but also significantly reduces operational costs and physical footprint. Our modular approach, accommodating both All-In-One and vRAN configurations, offers unparalleled flexibility to MNOs, ensuring that our solutions cater to diverse geographical and infrastructural needs. With Airspan's macro radios, operators can achieve widespread coverage and superior performance, even in the most challenging environments.

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