Jack F. – Florida-based Internship Program

Jack Farris is a recent alumnus of Airspan’s Internship Program. Here, he explains how he went from studying hospitality to working in 5G RAN, and using his background to help Airspan stay ahead of the curve.

The first step in any career can feel like a huge leap, especially breaking into an industry as technically advanced as telecommunications. Previously, I had studied international management with a focus in hospitality at a Bachelor of Science program in Switzerland. Not only did Airspan welcome me with open arms with dedicated training, but also placed me with the right mentor to quickly bring me up to speed. As a testament to the innovative spirit of the company, every team I interacted with showed me time-and-time again that they were eager to impart their knowledge – proudly sharing their daily successes, and regrouping on their daily drawbacks. Simply put, when it comes to thought-leadership, the team functions as a unit; every member gets to take part in the real-world implications of reinventing network connectivity. From day one, the feeling was electric.

While I had never exactly planned to step into the realm of wireless networks, I found immediately that it was a rare opportunity. Not only did I hurriedly try to connect the dots between my management schooling and the telecom business, but I also found distinct satisfaction in the tangible value that we were creating. Whether from the viewpoint of R&D, sales meetings, manufacturing, or beyond, being able to look up and see our units mounted on poles above both busy streets and under-connected areas because a powerful reward in and of itself.

Right from the start of my internship, I had the opportunity to join in on problem solving across marketing, sales, and even business processes. I quickly learned that hands-on, independent, outside-of-the-box thinking is welcomed by all. And luckily, although the pace certainly proved to be challenging, I found an extremely supportive network of colleagues to advise me. Positive reinforcement and constructive criticism were both valuable currencies in the day-to-day, and I learned to appreciate their influence.

Later, I attended Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with the team. This was a watershed moment, to see a wide array of teams from different regions working in tandem towards a common goal. This, as well as the excitement of the first large post-pandemic telecommunications conference, gave me an experience I’ll never forget.

What started out as a basic intern role soon progressed into a more involved position. Now, I spend more and more time analyzing business processes focusing on how Airspan can continue to proactively meet the demands of a fast-paced industry.

For any intern joining seeking to join Airspan in the future, I would advise that opportunity is ripe for the taking. Those who readily take on new projects and adapt themselves to dynamic environments will succeed. The role comes with a large degree of independence – a condition that self-described problem-solvers will certainly cherish. For those that are willing to take initiative and are genuinely excited about Airspan’s mission, the possibilities of the program are endless.

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