Airspan Control Platform (ACP)

Powering Connectivity Across the Spectrum

At Airspan, we understand that the backbone of any successful 4G and 5G deployment is robust and intelligent network management platform. This understanding is at the core of our Airspan Control Platform (ACP), a unified management solution that transcends traditional FCAPS boundaries, offering unparalleled control and efficiency for Public and Private Networks alike.

Public Networks: Unleashing Efficiency with NBIF

At its core is the North Bound Interface (NBIF), a gateway designed for seamless integration with MNO Operational Support Systems (OSS) through standard APIs. ACP's robustness and scalability are evidenced by its successful integration with over 400,000 small cells in a main Tier-1 MNO in the USA, a testament to our platform's carrier-grade readiness and scalability. NBIF simplifies processes and enriches data driven decisions:

  • Plug and Play Configuration

Automatically import configurations to enable zero-touch setup.

  • Comprehensive Management

Provides fault management, configuration details, performance metrics, and real-time status directly to your NMS/OSS, simplifying RF data analysis, troubleshooting, and optimization.

Private Networks: Simplifying Complexity

In the realm of Private Networks, ACP shines by offering unparalleled levels of automation, service orchestration, and a comprehensive, single pane of glass view.

This holistic approach empowers network administrators to efficiently manage and optimize their networks, ensuring high levels of performance and reliability. Key to this offering is the CBRS SAS Proxy, a domain-specific capability that ensures compliance and optimized spectrum utilization for CBRS deployments.

With ACP, private network operators gain access to full-feature set dashboards, analytics, and optimization tools, along with an API for seamless integration with customer portals. Whether deployed in public/private clouds or on-premises, ACP offers a flexible and cloud-based solution that meets the unique needs of Private Networks, simplifying monitoring, analytics, and lifecycle management.

Key offerings:

  • Unified Management Interface

A single pane of glass for all your network management needs.

  • Advanced Automation

Service orchestration and automation for streamlined operations.

  • Rich Features

Includes dashboards, analytics, optimization tools, and API integration for customer portals.

  • Deployment Flexibility

Choose from cloud-based solutions, public/private clouds, or on-premises deployment, all while ensuring full CBRS compliance.

Innovative Edge Solutions

Our ACP extends its capabilities to the edge, with the Airspan Hosted Portal and Edge Controller simplifying the orchestration and management of Private Cellular Networks (PCN) through:

  • Airspan Portal

A lightweight, multi-tenant application hosted on the public cloud (with private cloud or on-premises hosting options), designed for an intuitive service lifecycle management and monitoring experience.

  • Edge Controller

An on-premises solution that integrates with the Airspan Portal for simplified AP management, featuring a comprehensive management system, software repository, and an API Gateway for seamless communications.

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