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Private Networks

The Future of
Private Networks

Bridging Industry and Homes
Through Private Networks

Enriching Enterprise
Wireless Connectivity

At Airspan, we are dedicated to revolutionizing connectivity. Partnering with industry leaders, we provide a simple yet powerful solution tailored to address specific use cases across diverse sectors. Our mission is to empower industries with seamless connectivity, enabling them to thrive in a rapidly evolving digital landscape.

Proven End-To-End
Neutral Host Networks
CBRS Solutions

Our cost-effective NHN solutions maximize shared infrastructure, opening up possibilities for lower density small/medium size buildings. With over 700,000 cells deployed worldwide, our radios are designed for Mobile Network Operators. Experience the power of NHN as we provide a platform for Private Network services, tailored to your organization's needs.

The need of FWA
using mmWave

Airspan delivers the most advanced, cost-effective 5G mmWave FWA solutions for rural and suburban areas. Featuring advanced antenna techniques and intelligent algorithms to overcome mmWave propagation challenges, mmWave FWA can provide fiber-like speeds.

Utilities with
Smarter Connectivity

Elevate your utility network with Airspan's end-to-end solution, streamlining connectivity with a single, smart, plug-and-play package. Beyond traditional vendors, we integrate core, RAN, CPE, and applications into our management platform, eliminating bulky hardware needs. Simplify your transition to a smarter infrastructure, ensuring seamless, efficient operations with Airspan's comprehensive approach.


Ready to take your
connectivity to the next level?
Try our plug and play
"Starter Kit" today!

Want to get started? You have to experience it to believe it. Airspan’s NPN/private network, end-to-end, 5G, SA, starter kit makes it easy to get started. This complete kit will get you off the ground to experience the full benefits of the network you need. Download the brochure in the section below to get more information.

- Indoor gNBs
- ACP (pre-installed)
- Servers to host software
- Switch + PTP
- Indoor 5G CPE + SIM Cards
- 5GC SA (Optional)