Mobile Networks Operators (MNO)

5G vRAN software and modular hardware leveraging proven experience in deployment and operation automation of dense networks. Major challenges for the traditional business model have included speed of deployment, site acquisition, and excessive operating expenses. Airspan’s innovations have changed the game and put these challenges to rest.

Enterprise Private Networks (EPN)

Modular hardware and vRAN software to cover small to large venues, indoor and outdoor, based on plug and play automation with zero touch. Centralized, cloud-based control platform. Suited for in premises, cloud or hybrid deployments. With more than 500 private networks deployed, Airspan is a trusted companion for businesses around the world.

Air to Ground (ATG)

While satellite systems are the only method to provide connectivity for long, overwater routes, they are inherently limited in capacity over dense terminal areas. The Air5G air-to-ground (ATG) solution leverages a high-performance, 5G standalone system using state-of-the-art, vRAN base station technology and massive MIMO antenna arrays

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