Sprint Magic Box – Hospitality Edition Helps Hotels Improve Wireless Data Performance

New sleek, décor-friendly design aimed specifically for hotels

July 26, 2018

Hotels and hospitality venues continue to look for ways to deliver better wireless experiences for their guests. For most guests, great wireless data coverage on site is expected to keep them connected during their visit. A hotel’s wireless data performance can either make or break a guest’s experience. Sprint is here to help with the newest edition of our multi award-winning Sprint Magic Box which debuted last year.

The new Sprint Magic Box – Hospitality Edition, designed and manufactured by Airspan Networks, is the first all-wireless small cell produced specifically for hotels. Small, yet powerful, it connects to a nearby cell site and dramatically increases download and upload speeds by 200 percent on average for Sprint customers[1] and it extends in-building coverage up to 30,000 square feet, about the size of half a football field. This allows guests to have a better streaming, app and download experience on their Sprint devices while on site without even connecting to the venue’s Wi-Fi.

The new addition to the Magic Box family was designed with feedback from the hotel industry in mind, with a small footprint and simple, neutral design to tastefully fit with various hotel décor. Each unit features a white faux-weave design on the sides and either a wood-grain or grass-like top for a more natural look.

Additional benefits of the new version of Sprint Magic Box for the hotel and hospitality industry include:

  • Plug and play: it can be deployed quickly and easily and there’s no construction required, no cables to run, nor any need for project managers or engineers
  • Water-resistant so hotels can be used to provide better coverage around harder-to-reach pool and beach areas
  • Small enough to sit in a window and easily stores in supply or housekeeping closets
  • Won’t interfere with Wi-Fi

While small cells have been around for some time, the challenges of procuring the wireline internet backhaul, running wires and managing the engineering and construction is just not scalable – and this is where Magic Box – Hospitality Edition is so impactful. Sprint can quickly deploy thousands in hotels across the country.

Innovative small cell solutions like Magic Box – Hospitality Edition are part of Sprint’s Next-Gen Network investment to provide customers with a dramatically improved network experience through expanded coverage, reliability and data speeds.

[1] Signal and speeds based on optimal conditions for most Sprint devices.