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AirVelocity 1901

Compact, Feature-Rich, and Easy to Install

Indoor, 5G-NR, Sub-6 GHz, All-in-One gNB Small Cell

The AirVelocity 1901 is a 5G-NR, all-in-one gNB sub-6 GHz indoor solution consisting of a RU, DU, and CU in a single unit, it provides network adaptability for operators. It is also available in a CBRS variant that is part of Airspan’s end-to-end 5G CBRS portfolio, offering full SAS integration with all SAS vendors, and supports both max CAT-A EIRP and multiple carriers. The AirVelocity 1901 delivers enhanced, indoor network coverage and capacity

100 MHz
Tx/Rx Paths

Easy Installation

The AirVelocity 1901 utilizes 3GPP Full gNodeB architecture for ease of installation and deployment and removes the need for expensive and complex in building networks, which results in substantial CapEx and OpEx savings.

ACP Software

Integrates with Airspan Control Platform (ACP), a complete network function controller and manager aligned with industry standards, providing exceptional reliability and scalability.

Network Intelligence

Feature-rich with complemented RIC algorithms, the AirVelocity 1901 supports network slicing, monitoring, and healing

Compact and Lightweight Design

Its smart and compact form factor, designed for modern environments, allows flexible mounting options on walls or ceilings.

Multiple Synchronization Options

The AirVelocity 1901 supports IEEE1588 PTPv2 and GPS via an external antenna.

CBRS Supported

The CBRS variant provides capabilities to support max CAT-A EIRP, multi-carrier, and full SAS integration with all SAS vendors.

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