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AirHarmony 4000

AirHarmony 4000 Outdoor 4G LTE eNodeB

With Integrated Wireline Backhaul Options

AirHarmony 4000 is a Mini-Macro carrier-class LTE small cell eNodeB that supports 3GPP’s latest LTE releases eNodeB specifications (software upgradeable). It provides high-speed data, mobility, Voice over LTE, and roadcast/ multicast services in order to meet the demands of fixed and mobile LTE carriers.


Plug and Play

Full plug-and-play functionality, out-of-the-box to fully operational, within 20 minutes..

Integrated Wireline Backhaul

Supports various backhaul options including multiple fiber / copper interfaces which allows for a variety of network topologies.


Can be installed without conventional indoor infrastructure, associated power and air-conditioning.

Broadband Access

Supports the latest 3GPP LTE broadband access technologies.

The Power of HetNets

Ideal for networks, delivering high data rates and significant cell size where needed most.

Latest Release LTE Feature Sets

Supports the latest 3GPP Release feature sets (software ugradeable). Also includes support for SON and eICIC which enables N=1 frequency re-use with the Umbrella Macro cell.

Radio Planning with SON

Designed to integrate with a standardized LTE Access SON solution.

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