A Comprehensive Element Management
System for 4G LTE Access and Backhaul.

Netspan: Scalable Network Element Management System

Netspan is Airspan’s Element Management System that manages the entire portfolio of Airspan’s products both in Access and Backhaul domains. Based on a client-server architecture, it provides an always-on service with front-end web applications and interfaces to interconnect with customer OSS.

Netspan map

Flexible Solutions

Netspan provides solutions that fit all customer needs, from deployment capability in standalone servers for small deployments to customer capable cloud and virtual environments capable of managing thousands of nodes in a go.

Designed to accommodate customer requirements through its flexible configuration and architectural options, it can be deployed to support high-availability and scalability, with an option for seamless failover if any node fails.

Fully Flexible Web Based GUI

Netspan provides a fully-flexible web GUI, which can be customised to provide different options for each Netspan operator. It also allows configurable access rights to be defined, allowing each operator of the EMS to be granted the rights appropriate to their function.

Netspan Summary

Key Features


Netspan is a highly scalable management solution, supporting small campus networks to nation-wide deployments.

Virtualization & High Availability

Deployed in a virtualized environment, enabling high-availability with full redundancy and real-time failover.

Combined Access/Backhaul

Optimised for the combined management of RAN small cells and Wireless Backhaul.

Northbound Interface

The Northbound Interface is supported using SOAP/HTTP(S) protocol, allowing Netspan to easily integrate with a customer’s OSS.

Data Insights

Useful dashboard to provide a snapshot of network KPI’s, software, alarm timelines and more.


Adopts the FCAPS ISO Telecommunications Management Network model and framework for network management.