Defence & Public Safety

Airspan is a world leading RAN vendor that is committed to delivering proven and secure 4G LTE, solutions for Defense and Public Safety agencies.

Today’s world is faced with a constant barrage of threats and challenges prompting Defense and Public Safety organizations to improve the security and efficiency of their personnel’s work output and to adopt the most effective technology available. Integrating Airspan’s LTE broadband solutions means agencies can benefit from the fundamental advantages that it offers, including fast and reliable real-time communication of intelligence and video-analysis technologies, to protect citizens and the wider community. Undoubtedly, the accuracy and speed of information received greatly impacts response effectiveness.

In modern Defense and Public Safety communications networks, many devices and applications are used by personnel to access real-time critical information including PCs, mobile data terminals and handheld personal devices. These devices must have secure, persistent and stable broadband access to both the Internet and private agency networks in order to enhance productivity rapidly respond to any situation, anticipate problems and protect the public.