Strand mounted super compact outdoor
small cell with integrated DOCSIS backhaul.

AirStrand: Airspan’s new family of strand-mounted outdoor small cells.

AirStrand is an LTE licensed or lightly licensed outdoor strand-mount small cell with a single connection that provides both DOCSIS for backhaul connection and power. Designed for rapid low-cost installation that allows operators to accelerate network densification in areas where traditional small cells are not financially feasible or where regulatory zoning hurdles significantly impede traditional outdoor small cell deployments

Simplified deployment for scalability

AirStrand is designed to fit on to existing aerial cables with zero footprint. Its simple and quick installation allows operators to rapidly scale to provide outdoor coverage and capacity where it is needed most.

Rapid zero-touch deployment

AirStrand is a leading zero-zoning, enhanced capability outdoor small cell with plug and play commissioning and network configuration tools to dramatically reduce installation time and costs that generate a highly favorable ROI.

AirStrand 1300
AirStrand 1300 Summary

Key Features

Easy to Install

Single Mounting + Power only.

All major LTE Bands Supported

Operates in LTE licensed and Lightly-licensed Bands.

Integrated Backhaul

Supports LTE Relay, DOCSIS, 60GHz and satellite or wireline backhaul options.

 Strand Mount

Compact form factor allows simple installation onto existing cables.

High Coverage/Throughput

4T4R channels configured as dual sector with LiteCoMP, dual carrier* or 4×4 MIMO*.

Enhanced AirSON

Fast commissioning and network configuration .